Alexander Megos

Alex Megos

Date of Birth: 12.09.1993
Hometown: Erlangen (Germany)
Started climbing: six years old
The first climber ever to onsight a route graded 9a. He has won many international competitions and has climbed many hard routes:
"Fightclub" (9b/5.15b) FA, repeat of "First Round, First Minute" (9b/15.b), "Jungle Boogie" (9a+/5.15a), "La Rambla" (9a+/5.15a), "Supernova" (9a+/b 5.15a/b) FA...
"Lucid Dreaming" (8C/V15) in bouldering.
Sent "Action Directe" - 9a (5.14d) in just two hours.