"FAZA" is the first climbing brush in the world with glued bristles! Usually a couple of bristles are too soft to brush holds or steps with lots of chalk and rubber. Putting all the bristles in one tuft makes it perfectly hard to clean polished holds as never before. This technology also increases the life span of the brush
and creates the longest lasting brush on the market. It's a killer in the gym and works perfectly on all types of rock. It removes all the chalk on the holds quite easily and works hard enough on the polished footholds. Once you try it you will never forget to take it with you again.
Tips for brushing
As your dentist would say – don`t push too hard on your teeth. The same refers to the holds. When pushing hard on the handle you make the bristles bend and it sweeps but does not brush. You will achieve best results if, while brushing, the bristles do not bend. All models "Faza brushes" are hard enough so that you don't need to press too much.